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Why do I need an SEO expert?


You may be asking yourself this.  Well, 25 years ago if someone was interested in a service like roofing, for example, they’d just open up the yellow pages and find one that caught their eye.  Today, this method is very rare.  What almost everybody does in that situation today is use their smart phone or computer to hop onto a search engine and search for roofers in their city.  Of those results, if a company isn’t on at least the first page of organic results or in the local Google 3 pack, they might as well not even be there in most cases, because the odds of the average searcher going further than page 1 of the results is very rare.

Once on page 1, the fight to get closer to that number 1 position is the next goal.  The higher up the page your company is located, the greater the traffic will be generated for your website.  This is where it usually becomes more apparent that there is a correlation between a business’s search engine ranking and leads that can be converted to revenue.

A company’s site is used to reach people.

Think of a company’s website like a billboard that is used to try to get that company’s name out in the public, attract customers and drive revenue in an upward direction.  Well, would it make sense for that company to invest in a state of the art digital billboard, custom made to be way more advanced, beautiful, and large than those possessed by its competitors, only to put that billboard at the end of a desolate, dead end dirt road in the middle of nowhere that was only ever used by the one family who lived on that road?

This is what many business owners do.

They might invest a large amount into their website thinking that this is going to do wonders to drive revenue.  They are often disappointed when those expectations don’t pan out.  Unless they were lucky enough to accidentally get their site ranked higher in Google than their competition that is.  These lucky companies, on the other hand are just hoping and praying that their competition (that’s you) don’t invest in online marketing and bump them out of their position, thus reaching all of those customers that were previously landing on their site.

I’m not saying there is no value in awesome websites.

However, just like the billboard example, an eye catching, sales converting, image propelling tool doesn’t help if no one sees it to begin with.  It’s best to have an awesome site that is optimized for search engines and conversions, but if I had to choose only one of those, I’d take the site that people see every time.  Think about it this way, if you had a choice of hiring the a salesperson that converted 50% of leads into sales, but only spoke to 10 leads per week, or a hungry, unskilled sales person that converted 10%, but spoke to 500 leads per week, which would you choose?

Let us rank your site higher.

This is where PDS comes in.  We have a thorough understanding of what impresses Google and will result in positive movement in search engine results.  We also understand that once a good ranking is achieved, there is no guarantee it will not change.  Your competition doesn’t rest, so neither should we.


Why Rankings Matter

Google Reviews Can Make Your Business Really Stand Out

When someone is looking for a service online, the search results will usually be populated with a couple of paid ads on top, followed by a local pack of (3) listings, then organic results.  Often, when looking for a local business, the first place that somebody will be drawn to is the local pack.  But how does Google decide which listings to place there?

While there are multiple factors that are used to determine the order of listings in each search result category, there is one that not only helps your placement, but also draws attention to certain businesses.  Does your listing on that results show a rating with it?  Is that rating close to 5 stars?  This could have a large impact on your bottom line.

We make a system that is both effective and super easy for you and for your clients and customers who will leave you positive reviews that will show the world the satisfaction your customers receive.

Customer Reviews Affect First Impressions

Imagine yourself looking for a restaurant in Detroit as a visitor to the city.  You get online to search for restaurants in Detroit and these are the results you see.  Out of the five results that are visible, there is only one that is below an average rating of 4 stars.  Now, how likely would you be to take your family to the restaurant that has an average rating of 3.2?  I doubt many people seeing those results would even begin to consider going there.

Sample local listings

Video Marketing Produces More Customers

An aspect that is sometimes overlooked in marketing plans is the creation and utilization of videos to engage potential clients.  There are several advantages to the inclusion of videos in customer outreach.

Video Makes Your Company Look More Professional

Videos with professional spokespeople take this a step further.  We can create one of these videos for your company for a price that is much more affordable than you are probably thinking.  Then, once you have your video,you have the option to have us put it to use for you by ranking it in search engines as well.

Boost Your Exposure and Credibility

Our service makes your brand stand out online. Prospective clients or customers have become reliant on search engines to give them the results that are most relevant to their desires.

Grow Your Customer Base

We allow your business to attract people who are already interested in the goods and services you are offering.  Reaching that target audience is key to high conversion rates.

Increase Revenue

Directing more traffic to your website enables you to have the opportunity to offer your goods and services to a larger audience.

A Report Every Month

We give our clients a report each month detailing what improvements have been made with their online presence.

Personalized to Your Needs

Search engine optimization shouldn’t be a cookie cutter approach where all clients are in need of the same strategy.  We know that just as not all SEO agencies are the same, neither are all clients.  We’ll do a detailed analysis of your business and web site in order to decide on what tactics would be most beneficial to you.


We stay on top of the ever changing world of online trends and search engine algorithms through research, as well as belonging to groups with some of the best SEO experts in the industry.  This allows us to stay tuned in to what is working and what isn’t working, making our services able to boost yours more effectively.

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