Chad Smith is the Founder of Prolific Digital Solutions and also serves as the Director of Internet Marketing.  Chad received his BS in Information Technology in 2010 and attained a multitude of IT certifications ranging from Cisco Certified Network Associate to Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert.

Eventually, he realized that being another cog in the corporate machine was not going to be fulfilling, so he went on to create a web design agency, before realizing that he could have a much greater impact on businesses through digital marketing.  After all, the most beautiful, fully functional website has zero value if no one sees it.

So he committed to learn everything he could about what makes some things online get so much attention while others, which can be of superior quality, fall through the cracks.   Since Google is dominating the search engine market, he realized that focusing on figuring out what effectively makes a site or business look better to Google is the most essential thing to success in online marketing.

Now, companies enjoy the results that come from all of that knowledge.


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