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Obtaining client feedback has always been helpful to businesses that cared about satisfying their customers, but as society continues to get more reliant on the internet, the importance is multiplying.

The influence of customer reviews is much greater than most business owners realize

When looking at search engine results for a local company, one of the first things that will catch the eye of those searching is that Google ranking.  Now this Google ranking is based on a scale of 5 stars, so think of it like a grade.  Your company’s rating better be at least 4, or you are really at risk of losing out on people searching for your services.

Your business right now is in one of these 3 categories:

  1. People looking for a service online look at a company with an average rating 4.7 with 64 reviews as a place where 64 people have publicly vouched for that company as being very good.
  2. Alternatively, if they see a low rating, they view your company as one not deserving their trust or money.
  3. If you have no rating showing, they view you as a wildcard and a risk.

Chances are, one of your competitors is either lucky enough to not have unsatisfied clientele take the time to voice their frustration online, or savvy enough to know that reviews are something that should be focused on.  In that case, they could have a rating average that is close to 5.  When a potential customer sees that, who do you think they will first try to do business with?

Being beat out by higher rated competition is sometimes not even the worst thing that can happen either, as not every listing has a rating shown with it either.  If you have a 4.3 rating and your competition has 4.5, that may not be enough to sway a customer to not consider you, but what about that business that has no rating showing?  Often, searchers think that no one is willing to vouch for your company, so the odds of them seeking to do business with you is even less.



They also function as feedback

This may not directly affect your appearance in search results, but the importance can not be overstated.  Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is what allows a business to improve by responding accordingly.

You can imagine how this is beneficial.  Positive feedback about an aspect of your service gives you something to promote to future clients.  Letting your employees know that there is something they are doing that is really impressing your clientele is great for confidence building.

Once in a while, even those that are overall satisfied with you have some constructive criticism that might be legitimate. This allows you to work on improving that aspect of your business, strengthening you as a company.

Stats on impact of Google reviews on business

Important Warning – Never Pay For Google Reviews

This includes offering incentives for showing a completed review.  Although in the short term, it might increase the amount of customers who leave feedback, it is against Google’s terms of service.  If it is discovered, you will face penalties that can affect your placement in the search results.

What we offer is a way for your customers to leave legitimate reviews very easily

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