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Commercial Creation & Video Search Optimization

Affordable Commercial Creation

Take your business to the next level by having your very own commercial with a professional spokesperson.  Whether your niche is Dentistry, Chiropractic, Cosmetic Surgery, Law, or many others, chances are that we have a solution for your video needs.  Contact us to find out if your niche is available.

Customized Options

Commercials are available with a male or female spokesperson, many different backgrounds (including video or even a pic of your actual business if you send one), and quite a few different soundtracks that can be utilized.

We can Rank Your Video Too

If we create a commercial for you, or even if you already have a video of your own, you can decide to have us work on getting that video pushed higher in search engine rankings, so you can leverage it to gain even more clients or customers.  Even if we are already working on search engine optimization for your website, this is beneficial since it could be yet another asset that you own ranking above your competition.

Your potential customers will be using search engines to find companies in your niche.  When they do, are they going to find you, or are they going to find that other company that you have been working so hard to beat?  Let us give you a leg up on your competition, then enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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